Making "Monopoly" suck less

These are simple alternative rules for Monopoly which make the game more balanced and, as a result, more exciting and less hurtful. No longer does every player know who will win after a few passes of "Go": it's anybody's game right up to the end. Strategy becomes more important than luck.

Rules to make Monopoly more fun

  1. Anyone who owns a property can begin building on it without needing a Monopoly.
  2. To build, you must pay the money to the bank, and then roll above 8 on the dice.

Granted this takes the monopoly aspect out of "Monopoly", but who cares if it allows you to again enjoy the board game you purchased?

Questions I've been asked

It's up to you. Since there's no rent advantage to obtaining a monopoly (unless there are no houses on a property, in which case rent doubles), there's much less incintive to engage in the sorts of unbalanced trades one typically finds oneself making to stay in the game.

Neale Pickett