PARCC Testing

Well on Monday morning, I woke up
And got my butt to school.
Then the teacher told us that tomorr'
We'd start somethin' pretty uncool.

Called PARCC testing!
It's the stupidest test by far!
It's a good thing they don't let school kids drive
Or they'd run it down with a car!

So on Tuesday morning, I caught the bus
And I walked right into class
Then the teacher said "get comf'terble
'cause you're spending the day on your bottom"

For PARCC testing!

Then on Wednesday morning, I went in
And sat down in my chair.
It's a good thing it's just half a day
Or I'd start pullin' out my hair

From PARCC testing!

And on Thursday morning, I sat down
then started on the test
I just couldn't wait 'till 3 O'clock
when we'd finally get a rest

From PARCC testing!

Fin'ly Friday morning rolled around
And the kids all went "hooray"
Until teacher told us that next week
We'd start the SBA

Oh PARCC testing!

Neale Pickett