Doctor Who S01E01-E04: Cavemen and Fire


I guess this first story pretty clearly established that they travel through time.

S01E01 - An Unearthly Child

Oh man, the pacing is just slow. I like how they’re exploring “what if a time-travelling alien disguised itself as a human and went to high school.”

Okay, there are two high school teachers, and this highschool aged timelord girl who’s the Doctor’s grand-daughter.

The doctor is kind of a jerk.

S01E02 - The Cave of Skulls

Right, okay, cavemen. And of course they’re all short-term-memory idiots. Okay, sure.

S01E03 - The Forest of Fear

I forgot what this one was about, because I didn’t decide to write things down until later.

S01E04 - The Firemaker

The man teacher makes a fire because of course the man does that in 1963. And then the leader of the cavemen goes hunting. They make some skulls on fire to distract everybody, which is pretty cool, and then they escape.