Doctor Who S01E12-E13: A Tardis Button Gets Stuck


This story was bathouse crazy. Part of it was probably that I wasn’t paying full attention, but it was also just nuts.

S01E12: The Edge of Destruction

People alternate between normal and crazy. There’s a lot of screaming. Random weirdness takes place and it doesn’t make sense. Everybody turns of everybody and then suddenly it’s fine and dandy.

S01E13: The Brink of Disaster

The Doctor starts piecing together some clues. Turns out the Tardis itself has been trying to send them a message by dropping obscure clues. He figures it out and unsticks the “go back to where you just were” button, which, because it was stuck down, sent them back to the origin of the solar system.

You know, not awful. It felt pretty incoherent but I was willing to go along.