Doctor Who S01E21-26: Finding the Chips


The Scooby gang has to find some microchips scattered around the planet, so a machine can be repaired to mind-control everyone into being peaceful.

S01E21: The Sea of Death

This was the episode during which I decided to start writing this.

It’s really interesting how they kept the sort of stumbling around delivery of lines, rather than shooting another take. I kind of like it. It’s like watching a play.

LOL at the alien costume with swim flippers.

Frickin’ Susan is, disappointingly, pretty much a horror movie character. Just sort of blithely wandering around all over the place and screaming a lot. Amusingly, they just assumed it was her from her scream.

Okay, got the main plot point. The dude needs to recover some keys so they can mind-control people to make everybody peaceful. I really hope they don’t just accept this without question.

Their mime acting could use some continuity work, LOL.

S02E22: The Velvet Web

When the statue’s eyes lit up and the creepy lady came out to put rocks on everybody’s forehead, it really felt like a 1970s episode from when I was a kid.

Aww yeah, brains in jars getting killed.

S02E23: The Screaming Jungle

The Screaming Jungle, eh? Must be about Susan.

For crying out loud, yep, she’s screaming again. I read that this actress quit early on. I don’t blame her. What a limiting role to have to play.

Now Barbara’s screaming. A statue grabbed her.

Now she’s screaming again. A net fell on her.

Third time screaming. Some plants grabbed her.

Apparently the scream in the jungle was mostly Barbara.

S01E24: The Snows of Terror

Okay, now Ian and Barbara are cold. And a beardo has rescued them.

Ian left for some reason, and Beardo’s giving off some really rapey vibes. Oh, sure enough, he’s got all their junk.

Susan and a blonde woman are in a cave. I’ve decided I don’t like Susan at all, her sole role appears to be screwing things up and screaming.

Oh boy. They’re all in another cave, and they’re going to explore it.. Oh, okay, we don’t have to watch that. They melt some ice and… Susan’s screaming again as some dude with a cardboard sword wakes up.

Great, they found another key.

S01E25: Sentence of Death

The Scooby gang vs. the Japanese Criminal System, I guess. They assumed Ian is guilty and he has to prove he’s not. The Doctor is going to be his defense.

I’ve seen this episode at least three times on Star Trek, and once on the Brady Bunch. I might skip this one.

Oh, neat, a dude who hits his wife.

Okay, but you know what, I dig the costumes.

S01E26: The Keys of Marinus

I don’t like Barbara’s hairstyle, though.

Oh, snap! What a twist! I seriously was not expecting this one. I mean, I probably should have, from a casting standpoint, but I’m not really devoting a lot of mental energy to this.

Okay, I guess they decided the mind-control machine wasn’t so great. Kind of a naive take but whatever, it was a pretty fun story.