Doctor Who S01E31-36: The Sensorites


S01E31: Strangers in Space

They’re in a spaceship, thank goodness. The lighting is pretty bad.

Okay there are these sensorites messing with peoples’ minds. Aw, crap, we’re sort of on Earth. At least it’s in the future.

This is a cool premise, taking over a ship by manipulating everybody’s emotions.

S01E32: The Unwilling Warriors

Hey! Creepy! I like this story.

Susan is doing something! Nice!

Susan makes a sacrifice

S01E33: Hidden Danger

Susan needs to get out of this place! The Doctor’s being a real jerk. Again. Seems like she’s growing up and needs her own space.

Anyway. The Sensorites are cool. And I’m glad Barbara seems to get an equal say in matters. Like, she just argued with Ian about something, and she was like “well then it’s settled, we’ll do it my way”. Still can’t abide her hairstyle, though.

Ian seems really British. It’s not difficult to imagine pretty much everything he does being done by an older dude with a brandy in his hand. He doesn’t seem to get to grow as a character, he’s already fully grown, I guess.

I dig that the sensorites have internal debates.

S01E34-36: More Sensorites

I guess I didn’t write anything down here. I really enjoyed this story, though! A marked contrast to the rest of this season.