Doctor Who S01E01-E03: Honey, I shrunk Doctor Who


S02E01: Planet of Giants

They’re on Earth again, but they’re tiny. I bet it was fun building the sets for this one!

Pretty dorky but I’m enjoying it. Why in the heck do they not bring flashlights with them, I wonder.

S02E02: Dangerous Journey

“Anyway, you keep away from it,” Ian said, just before walking over to the pile of poisoned seeds he was referring to.

LOL giant hymenoptera. Holy hell, Barbara faints!

I can’t stop thinking about how much fun it must have been to build this set!

Note to self: I think this was the epsiode with the insane foley. I should make a little video of it, there’s a full 2 minutes of just insane analog noise and nothing else.

S02E03: Crisis

This is very cute.

Yeah, just store that giant poison seed next to Barbara, who’s suffering from poisoning.