Doctor Who S04E15: Dr Who goes to Scotland


I skipped some episodes in the last year. I think there were Cybermen. There were definitely Daleks.

S04E15: The Highlanders (1)

Okay I guess they’re in Scotland. This is another one of those episodes where all they could recover was a few still frames and the audio, so this episode is basically a slideshow.

I’m finding it difficult to care about this, although this new doctor has a funny hat, which is cute.

A lot of people are grunting in Scottish. And there are bagpipes.

Did I mention I’m finding it difficult to care? I may be about to decide to skip all the Earth episodes. And yet I’m somehow halfway through the episode already.

The plot so far appears to be that the English and Scottish are fighting. Some dudes named Grey and Perkins appear to be trying to do something nefarious.

I guess one of the new companions is named Polly. She’s going to throw a rock at the British in an attempt to stop a hanging. Oh, are they hanging the other companion? I think the Doctor is pretending to be some official or other again. Grey and Perkins show up and stop the hanging, looks like they’re scavenging prisoners. The doctor cites some law to Grey, a Lawyer, and manages to not be hanged.

The women (Polly and a Scottish woman) are in a cave now.

I stopped paying attention. The women were saying it was dark. Then somebody screamed, and credits rolled. I guess we’re still in the “women screaming” era that Susan started.

I am trying really hard but I just don’t care. I’m sorry. I have a lot of things I could be doing with my time right now, and almost all of them are more interesting than this.