hdjdHercules DJ Control MP3e2 translation daemon 3 weeks
holiday-lightsTwinkling holiday lights (arduino) 7 months
cgivpnA VPN that runs over HTTPS 2 years
dontpanicFlash port of "Don't Panic" 8 years
escmEmbedded scheme preprocessor 10 years
gikiwikiGikiWiki: a version-control agnostic wiki in OCaml (no longer maintained) 10 years
intercom][ntercom BBS, circa 1989 5 years
mobibookJ2ME (MIDP 2.0) ebook/text reader 21 months
pgircdNeale's Pretty Good IRC Daemon 9 years
photobobWeb-based photo album software 7 years
py-ipqueuePython IPQueue library 7 years
pytanksPython Tanks 6 years
rogueKen Arnold's Rogue, patched to compile on modern Linux 2 months
svvSimple V4L2 video viewer 4 years
wticketW(eak|oozle) ticket system 9 years
runit-desktopScripts for standard services on a runit-based desktop 2 years
runit-initRunit as init on Arch Linux 2 years
baseDirtbags Capture the Flag base framework 11 months
crittersAn HTML5/forf implementation of Stuart Reges's "Critters" game 5 years
dbtlDirtbags Tiny Linux: rescue/embedded distribution 5 years
dbtsInline 0-loss sniffer package for DBTL 5 years
forfFORF *punch*. A simplistic stack-based prefix language 4 years
tanksDirtbags Forf Tanks 20 months
tceKOTH packages for TinyCore Linux 2 years
hw-scoreboardLED Roller Derby Scoreboard firmware 2 years
ptimerWFTDA penalty timer (Android) 21 months
scoreboardRoller Derby Scoreboard 3 years
stopwatchRoller Derby Stopwatch (AVR Microcontroller) 4 years
trackRoller Derby Track 5 years
counterJ2ME (MIDP) game counter and timer 5 years
penaltiesJ2ME (MIDP) Roller Derby Penalty Timer 5 years
scoreboardJ2ME (MIDP) Roller Derby Scoreboard 5 years
botExtensible IRC bot framework (C) 3 years
ecmhEasy Cast Multy Hub (IPv6 thingy) 5 years
eriseris httpd 2 years
firebotAn IRC bot 2 years
fluffyNetwork Reverse-Engineering Tools 13 days
go-pcapGolang pcapfile library 3 years
netarchNetwork archaeology toolkit (Python 2) 4 years
protoreProtocol Reverse-Engineering Stuff 5 years
py-pcapPython pcapfile library 5 years
spongyWeb-based IRC thingy 2 years
twatchNeale's Watch Face: whatever I like at the moment 23 months
9wmX11 Window Manager inspired by Plan 9's rio 17 months
bindkeysX11 Keybindings 3 years
statusdwm status update program 2 years
xssX Screen Saver Tools 5 years
Neale Pickett