If ducks ran the country, I’m sure you’ll agree
Things sure would be different for you and for me!
For starters, we’d live near a pond or a lake
On your birthday, you’d have to eat fish, and not cake.

At lunchtime we’d all go eat grass under trees.
For snacks we’d have quackers, without any cheese.
We’d waddle around from point A to point B,
and when going in groups, we would all form a V.

We wouldn’t wear raincoats in winter or fall,
But then, I suppose we’d wear nothing at all.
Every person on earth would be covered with down
And I bet that would make it much harder to drown.

If ducks ran the country, it sure would be strange.
And everything we find familiar would change.
I don’t think I’d like it. No, not in the least.
But it still would be better than if it were geese.