PARCC Testing

Well on Monday morning, I woke up
And got my butt to school.
Then the teacher told us that tomorr’
We’d start somethin’ pretty uncool.

Called PARCC testing!
It’s the stupidest test by far!
It’s a good thing they don’t let school kids drive
Or they’d run it down with a car!

So on Tuesday morning, I caught the bus
And I walked right into class
Then the teacher said “get comf’terble
‘cause you’re spending the day on your bottom”

For PARCC testing!

Then on Wednesday morning, I went in
And sat down in my chair.
It’s a good thing it’s just half a day
Or I’d start pullin’ out my hair

From PARCC testing!

And on Thursday morning, I sat down
then started on the test
I just couldn’t wait ’till 3 O’clock
when we’d finally get a rest

From PARCC testing!

Fin’ly Friday morning rolled around
And the kids all went “hooray”
Until teacher told us that next week
We’d start the SBA

Oh PARCC testing!