The Poopy Song

Music Score

G|:ccGG cc2c|ddAA d3c|BBBB BB2A|GGAB c3G:|

I had a little baby
She liked to poop a lot
And when it came out of her butt
The temperature was hot

She liked to poop her diapers
The smell was never strong
And when she pooped them really good
Her dad would sing a song


Poopy Poopy Poopy
Poopy all day long
Poopy Poopy Poopy
This is the Poopy song

This little baby pooper
She liked to bounce and dance
And when you least expected it
She’d up and poop her pants

She’d poopy in the morning
She’d poopy in the night
If she went long between her poops
You knew things weren’t right


Her poop was many colors
Like yellow, brown, and green
Sometimes she made so much of it
It made you want to scream

She always pooped for pleasure
She never pooped for spite
If poop were good and evil, then
She’d poop for what was right